Design Indulgences will be open to some new ideas…

Been brainstorming things I can do with the blog lately. There are a few series I have written down just haven’t taken the time to actually do them because they’re time consuming. I work full-time during the week so time is something I really don’t have much of. One thing I will be starting soon is

“Reader Inquiries” which is where I post questions sent to me in email. I’ve recently received emails from people wanting to know where to find a specific or similar product in an image posted or just a design question.

So now I’d like to formally extend this as an open invitation to you all. If you have any design dilemmas or  inquiries on where to get an item, feel free to email me (see CONTACT page).

I often get people who send me pictures of designs or DIY projects they’ve tackled and I’d love to share with others. So, if you’ve designed a room, repurposed an item, created a fly DIY project or even came across a well designed space in your outings that you think I’d like… feel free to send them to me. You may just appear here on my blog 🙂

Lastly, I am rolling up on the one year blogaversary and soon I am going to be accepting sponsors. Next week, I have something special just for my readers. Stay tuned and thanks very much for reading, commenting and showing support. You honestly don’t realize how much it means to me. Enjoy the rest of your wknd!!

{image via Aesthetically Thinking}

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