Decorating with Mannequins…feminine indulgences


Tho I have yet to own one, I have taken quite a liking to mannequins. Primarily ones in master closet suites and dressing rooms. I don’t describe myself as girly and prissy. Pink is not my go to color. I don’t own a dress outside the prom & bridesmaids dress stuck in my closet. My fav color is black. Hate carrying purses (if my personal belongings could be invisible & float in the air within my personal space, I’d be a happy camper. Shoutout to cross body bags!). However I am feminine. I do love a pair of high strappy stilettos, I am a cocktail ring lover, fashion jewelry junkie, playing up my eyes w/shadows and liners. But the idea of a personal space soley intended to primp & dress really does it for me. If I had a dressing room, it would be so girly complete with mirrored furniture and beautiful displays of all things pretty. And what better way to decorate than with a mannequin….or two…or three. The above velvet grape hued mannequins are gorgeous.

{The Found Blog}

This vintage looking mannequin reminds me of the ones found at this Boutique.

{House and Home}

A DISCO ball inspired mannequin? Nothing but sassy & hauteness.

{Room Envy}

See other images of mannequins HERE.

Other images via Pinterest & We Heart It

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