Tuesday’s Tips: Storage Displays & Ideas for the bathroom

A few weeks ago a friend of mine emailed me asking what she could do with a bathroom tower. She currently had piles of magazines on each shelf so I decided to compile images to inspire her. Now I’m sharing them with you. How fabulous is this snakeskin table?

Have a pretty basket or stack the extra rolls of tissue in a neat way on a shelf. Buy clear bottles and put your cleaning supplies in those. Yeah its work but you can have them all displayed on a tray or basket on a shelf and it wont look like an eyesore. Put pretty scrub things like sponges and gloves by it.

Don’t want to convert them into pretty bottles? Use a basket tall enough where u just see the sprayers of the cleaning products. Have a bowl with decorative soaps. Micheals and tjmaxx always has pretty inexpensive soaps…

Use a TRAY on one or two of the shelves. Have some folded up decorative towels just and lil containers to house cotton swabs and q tips and makeup brushes. Use another tray or a decorative platter to display perfume bottles…


See more from the above bathroom HERE

Flowers always bring joy to a space…

Two plates and a candleholder gives you a tiered storage solution for small things like polishes etc. Too cute…

APOTHECARY JARS for bath salts and or sponges are great ways to decorate…

Have a pretty decorative Kleenex box along side a stack of books and have another decorative item like a vase on the other side. You’ll be using those as bookends



A divider on a shelf is a great way to keep towels lined up without toppling over. So what do you decorate your bathroom towers and shelves with? I have potpourri in Tahitian Vanilla (an incredibly yummy smell from World Market) and candles and other themed shell stuff. On my counter is apothecary jars filled with potpourri balls and cottom swabs etc. Want to see how a guy could decorate his bath? Click HERE.
{Images via Pinterest and Better Homes & Garden}

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