Wanna know how Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mama) mega mansion looked?…

Well I’ve seen it when the news hit the media but kept forgetting to post on it. So if this is old news to you, sorry. But Miss Tina sure did live lavishly. The Houston house is currently on the market for a cool $3.499 milli…

Love this pool, perfect to cool off in those Texas temperatures…

This isn’t staged well. This is the prime example of how ridiculous furniture looks when it’s pushed against the wall. They need ottomans or a small sofa in front of the bed with a coffee table in front of that or putting a rug in front of the fireplace with a table and two chairs. With a master bedroom this scale, one can luxuriate from not only having a bedroom to sleep in, but also hang out and lounge.

Ugh, another horribly staged room. This screams man cave and it shouldn’t. I am not one to despise leather sofas as I have two in my living room (black). However, they were bought in my college days and I jazzed them up with pretty faux fur throws, ruffled & jeweled pillows from pier 1. They could easily go heavy with toss pillows and bring a punch of color into this dark space with accessories for the kitchen island. Then again, just toss that couch out. It looks as if it was picked from a fraternity house front porch.

It’s like it gets worse. I mean, really? Can we get any more bland? I do see a gym in the background and this may very well be a game area so they should really play up that theme. Have a poker table, casino themed pictures. Make the bar area on the far right more interesting with lighting pendants and color on the walls. This looks incredibly random and does such a disservice to mama Knowles. Is anyone really suppose to look at this room and gasp in awe? They need to showcase all 8,800 square feet of this home in it’s best light since it’s now on the market.

I have no idea what they were thinking with all the angles. I’m a person that loves for something to be angled but this is a bit much. The placement of everything doesn’t make for a good conversation area. This room is clearly meant for entertaining. They need to maximize the space by having additional seating and have it space planned correctly.

I sighed heavily upon viewing this. Like, really? No creativity whatsoever. Your home should be a reflection of you and your taste. You never want to look like you bought everything from one store, and if you did, make sure it doesn’t LOOK like it. This does. The matching comforter/pillow/window treatment look is so dated. They could really benefit from new window treatments that I’m sure highlights an amazing view. This is too stuffy and formal. I do however like that wall art.

I’m convinced this isn’t any of Tina’s furniture. She’s way too glitzy and glam for this. She’s not hurting for money so she needs to hire a stager because this.is.not.it.

{images via VIBE magazine}

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