1st time homeowners get a chance at new construction for an affordable price

This month I went to the 2011 Miracle Tour of Homes, Parade of Homes and Fall Condo Tour. The economy has definitely impacted the parade of homes as majority of them had unfinished basements. A complete contrast from years back when I would attend and be in complete awe at how nicely designed and decorated the rec rooms were. Up north, rec rooms are where we typically entertain. It houses bars, game rooms, home theaters and the like. The themes from the previous years was nothing short of fabulous. I remember one million dollar home in Mequon, a suburban Milwaukee town, had an indoor golf area & basketball court. Nowadays you’re lucky to even see a finished basement so I was disappointed. However the Miracle Tour of Homes the following weekend gave me what I missed from the Parade of Homes.

One thing the two model homes located in Racine, WI had that I liked was a different take to design. They’re made with first time homeowners in mind who want to get that new construction high quality feel, but without going broke in the process. Here’s where Miracle Homes makes it happen.

Although houses are typically 1,000 sq feet, they make up for the small narrow space by having high ceilings and tons of built ins. They took a cue from cruise ship cabin designs to make rooms just as functional. I personally loved them. They did not compromise on finishes as they had beautiful cabinetry, hardware, granite counters and other nice finishes.

The high ceilings prevented you from feeling cramped…

Despite modest in size, these homes dubbed the “Mi-Pad’s”, have cutting edge layouts, energy efficiencies, and fine detailing. The two models I toured were both 26.5 feet in width with one car garages but the outside was nicely landscaped and had character. Nothing about them reeked of cookie cutter builder basic. They both even had small home theaters which I didn’t get a picture of…

The kid’s room included a storage/play loft area. So in order to get to it, you had to climb the “stairs” over the built-in bunks. And yes, the kid in me did, lol.

 Perfect for kids to have additional play space. Mi-Pad models aren’t just for the first time buyers. They’re also a good way to simplify, downsize or have vacation homes with the same qualities but within a smaller space. One of the models started as low as 89K. For more information click HERE.


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  1. Tiffanie says:

    You can’t tell these houses are only 1,000 sq. feet. Very nice!


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