Appreciate your child’s art by hanging it up in these modern ways…

My cousin owns a daycare and she told me the unfortunate story of a mother who insists she doesn’t have room to keep her daughter’s art. She proceeds to toss them out before she leaves the daycare. I find it incredibly ignorant and disturbing considering her daughter is only 2 or 3. Kids express themselves through art. I did as well. I’ve been drawing since I was a toddler. I excelled in art courses through out school, especially in high school. My first major was art education as I wanted to be a high school art teacher but end up changing my major to interior design once budget cuts forced public schools to start eliminating the art programs. Don’t get me started on budget cuts in schools…..

 One thing I know is kids need more than just academics. They need a full variety of enrichment courses and art is one of them. So it was extremely heartbreaking to hear of a parent showing no interest in her child’s projects. It takes nothing but a binder, or a bin to store things. Yes you can’t save them all but you can surely save some.

You certainly should not toss their art in front of them. That little girl may grow up thinking anything she produces isn’t worthy or important and that anything she does is trash. Yeah, some may say I’m reaching but I don’t believe so. It’s bad enough the public school systems showing no concern for the arts, the last thing we need is for parents to!

Savor the moments…

So I said all that to say this: gone are the days where you’re limited to kids art being displayed on refrigerators. All up and through this post are creative ways to display their work in other areas of your home or their room.


Do GALLERY WALLS and frame everything in the same color frames. Better yet, use a  mat within those frames to really make everything cohesive.  Maybe do it on a reoccurring basis. Display new “collections” on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how much they produce. How about displaying certain color schemes? Whether it’s displayed or put in a box, cherish the youngins’ art. You never know how talented they grow up to be. I’m proof. 



{Images via House of Fifty & Pinterest}

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