Allow me to introduce you to: Erika Ward of Blu Label Bungalow

I’m sure there’s no need for an introduction at all. Erika has made herself a household name among the virtual world by contributing to Houzz, engaging in conversation with her readers via twitter and standing out amongst the blogosphere by doing videoblogs. Her love of thrifting proves with creativity, you don’t have to break the bank to have good design. Plus, she has slanted eyes like me :-D. Enjoy…


Name: Erika Ward
City: Atlanta

Profession: Interior Designer, Freelance Writer, Philanthropist

Links: [blog] [business] [nonprofit] [design column on]


What’s a typical day in the life like for you?

I start my day at 5:30AM with prayer and a bit of housework.

 I’ve got to get it in when I can. Around 6:30AM I dress my three children and get them off to preschool and pre-k by 7:45AM. The rest of the morning consists of 45 minutes of exercise, client meetings, shopping, writing, etc.


 Each workday is hardly ever the same, however I pick up my children the same time every day, prepare dinner, give baths, read stories, and they’re off to sleep. I spend about an hour with my husband catching up on the day, take a shower and my lights are off no later than 10PM.

What has been your biggest learning lesson both personally & professionally?

Personally, I had to learn patience. Having three little ones really helped me with that as well as my desire to control everything. I’ve learned how to be more balanced

 and leave room in my life for a little spontaneity. Professionally, I had to get used to working harder than I’ve ever worked before. As an entrepreneur you wear multiple hats and the success of your business rides on your shoulders. Along with that comes stress which makes you feel like you have to be “on” 24-7. I’ve learned how to shut it off at a certain time. As a result, I get much needed rest and benefit from a clearer mind.


How have you benefited from social media? And where can we find you?

Through social media I’ve met some amazing people who have been a part of my informal support group. Being a solopreneur can get a little lonely, but through SM I’ve met others like me and we push each other as well as celebrate each other’s successes. Twitter: Facebook: 

Any design/fashion tips?

Whatever you do, in both design and fashion, be mindful of scale and proportion. When a room has proper scale and proportion it is easy on the eye and just feels more comfortable.

Likewise in fashion, we use the concepts of scale and proportion to dress ourselves to appear slimmer, taller, more busty, less busty, you get the idea. As a result our outfit is complementary to our body shape and comfortable to wear.

I’m a big list maker. What’s on your TO DO list?

  • Prepare for the next Room Service Atlanta install in Spring 2012
  • Prospecting new clients (ongoing)
  • Sign children up for sports and dance
  • Take better care of myself
  • Make plans for travel in 2012 

What are you currently anticipating?

In October, I will be speaking at the Blogalicious Conference in Washington , DC .

 I’m looking forward to connecting with new faces and meeting my twitter friends in person. 

Fill in the blank. It’s the lil things like my children discovering new things that brings you joy. 

Favorite luxury to indulge in?

A 1-hour massage 

Favorite Indulgences…. 


Anything Mexican, YUM!


I used to be a design show junkie. I’ve trimmed it down to anything that features Sarah Richardson.



Aside from that, every fall I watch lots of football both live and televised.


I haven’t shopped for myself in FOR-E-VER. This questionnaire is really opening my eyes to a few things [smile]


Very little, but I do like MAC products and Chanel Lip Gloss


Sweet Tea Baby! Actually I asked for the glass to be filled with half sweet and half unsweetened.


Every now and then, I’ll have margarita or iced-cold Corona .



I’ve traveled extensively through Europe

 but hope to visit Africa in the near future.


 {Double Bridge South Africa}


If $ were no object, what would be your ultimate design indulgence?

I’d love to write more on design and decorating via magazine and books.

  I’d also love to have my own online tv show.


Thanks for having me Miya!


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  1. Thank you Miya for featuring me on your blog today. It’s truly an honor to be in your “home” and to meet your readers!


    1. You’re very welcome Erika. I enjoyed reading it.


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