PT 1: I’m borderline obsessed w/home offices & work spaces…

{Arianna Belle}

{Maison Boheme}

I know before I wanted a WHITE LAQUERED DESK but this here, this gold one is the business!! It would be even more fabulous if my name began with a Z.

{Modern Declaration}

This is a very pretty work space and I like the GALLERY WALL display. I think the calming colors of gray and white work really well…


{Arianna Belle}

Now I do love an INSPIRATION BOARD particularily one confined to a FRAME but I guess if you must tape something to the wall, using colored tape is the way to go…

{Mary Mcdonald}


If you really like the idea of a large square surface, consider pairing two desks together for form one. It’s also good if the office space needs work room for two people…

{Decor Pad}

Loving the LUCITE trunk. Color coordinated baskets and magazine holders help unify the scheme. Is that a chevron tissue box?

{Delight by Design}

I think this is a perfect example of dorm room chic for the college student who will be spending endless nights studying and writing papers…


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