The Kitchen Island serves many purposes…


Whether you’re lucky enough to have a really large kitchen space that came built with a center island or one of those who had to buy one, kitchen islands serve many purposes. Just like on my Tuesday’s Tips post where I showed you how to convert an old dresser into an island, this post will give show you many uses for one…
You often see people with a different material for the kitchen island’s surface than the countertops. Reason being, it gives a contrast and some variety to the kitchen. It also helps to save money depending on what material is used. If you don’t really want to pay extra to have a granite surface, it may be in your best interest to have butcher block for the island. It’s great for when you don’t want to commit to a bolder look as well.
  • a lighter counter for the island prevents the kitchen from being too dark considering the color of the cabinetry and other surfaces. Pops of color in rugs and flowers spices it up.
  • If the surface of the island has a ledge, it can easily turn into a breakfast bar with chairs/stools.

(sidenote: love the color coordination of dishware in the cabinets)

  • If you don’t have a built in island, purchase one. Tuck stools under for added seating. This is a great way to turn a kitchen into an “eat in” kitch.
  •  an island made of legos
  •  Get an island with niches to store cookbooks and spices
Ozeruga Residence traditional kitchen
Street of Dreams 2010 traditional kitchen
{all other images via Houzz  & Pinterest}

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