Missoni for Tarsjay (Target)…

My favorite store in the world is going to get that much more fab when Missoni debuts at Target. Are you excited? I know for fact I will be purchasing plates & towels…& luggage…. *Deep sigh*. It’s bad enough I go in there for a few items and walk out with much more or spend entirely too much time in there but now…it’s going to be worse…

Since 1953 Missoni has been known all over the world for eclectic, pattern infused, saturated colors and textures. One of their standout signatures is the zig zag pattern which is all the rage in design right now with Chevron prints. So the Italian brand is being brought to us at Target…

Nothing is better than high-end designers making lower price point but equally fab items for us regular folk. Then again, I won’t be limited to just plates and towels….how about adding umbrellas and pillows to my list…

Maybe I’ll get it all…..my bank account is going to be mad at me.

{images via Pinterest & Get it Girl Style}

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