Studio, Dorm, Small room dwellers: ways to maximize your space…

I like to call small square footages cozy, comfy and even intimate. It takes some very creative thinking in order to design a multi functional space. Below are tons of ideas to maximize the room you DO have in your dorm, studio or room…


The Victoria’s Secret stripe walls in pink & mulberry make this reading corner extremely sexy. I especially love how drapery is used to hide the shelving of the bookcase. It softens the room and makes it that much more feminine. The IKAT pillows keeps it all current. The reason this works is because of the scale of furniture. It’s extremely important to measure & avoid buying pieces too big for the space. It will make your room feel smaller and cramped. Not to mention, it saves you the hassle of trying to have big bulky pieces delivered and not fitting through the doors.

 For the kitchen, especially a GALLEY style, you want to use as much wall space as possible. Hanging POT RACKS allows you the necessary storage that you may not have and it personalize the room by having a home feel. Often times we swear a kitchen isn’t an “eat in” kitch if it’s not big enough for a traditional table. Think out the box, sometimes all you need is a narrow ledge to feast diner style!! Tuck a stool underneath and viola: Eat in kitch it is!

{Fiddle Sticks & Funny Girls}

If climbing isn’t an issue for you, you can always create a bunk bed with the closet/storage below…

{the Lennoxx}

Use a console table to store ottomans underneath. Pull them out when you need additional seating…

 {Apartment Therapy}

Small to scale sectional and half end tables makes this living space work…

Adding wallpaper and paint makes even the smallest spaces unique. but the table with the stools below allows this kitchen to be dine in ready. If someone knows where you can buy such a table, let a sista know!

Love how the bookshelf does double duty as a desk. Creating a cushioned ledge by the windows allows for additional seating should they decide to entertain. Adding mirrors to a wall gives the illusion of more room. Check out all the details HERE

 Placing console tables or desk behind a sofa creates division and anchoring each space with a rug clearly defines the areas. Often times people think pushing furniture against the walls opens it up. Not always true. A lot of times, it ends up looking bland and silly. So play with the furniture layout on paper before moving them around to see what way you prefer to have it. That’s what us designers call “space planning”.

While reading THIS home owners details I see they used my number one rule when working with limited floor areas: Maximize Vertical Space

 Floating shelves do wonders for storage when a bulky dresser won’t fit…

 Nate Berkus shares HIS TIPS on how to make small spaces work…

Scaled furniture. Check. Mirror. Check. Not skimping on style. Double Check. See the rest HERE

I love this idea. Turning CLOSETS into HOME OFFICES

{Decor Pad}

Scaled sectional, ottomans for additional seating, fun tray styled tables that doesn’t take up much space…

My cousin is going through this very problem. Not having enough space on both sides of the bed for night stands. Why not saw one in half?

Ikea is good for an assortment of shelving units that are easy to install and super affordable.

What are some of your favorite tricks when dealing with these kinds of spaces?

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  1. where did you get the paint?


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