Tuesday’s Tips: Use Baskets & Medallions 2 give walls texture

For depth and texture, you’re not limited to wallpaper.

{Belle Maison}

I can’t stand plates hung on walls so I’m pleased to share a few ways to get texture & dimension to the walls outside of textured wallpaper…

{Lini Home}
Ceiling medallions….not for the ceiling. Pretty out the box if you ask me. Medallions are used to anchor chandeliers but they can be REPURPOSED for an architectural look on the wall. Baskets are prettier than plates in my humble opinion. Plus you don’t have to worry about them breaking if one happens to fall…

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  1. Lyn says:

    Hi Miya,
    I adore your blog and its a must on my daily reading list! Imagine my surprise when I saw you kindly gave Lini Home a link. I must admit the pic was from a magazine and I failed to credit it. I was an inspiring idea though and I take my hat of to the design genius that came up with the idea. Keep your delicious posts coming! xxx Lyn


    1. Hi Lyn & thanks for adding me to ur daily reading list!! I know we sometimes don’t know the magazine a pic came from so that’s when I at least credit the site/blog I found it. No worries but thx for the honesty…


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