Allow me to introduce you to: Danielle of Gray Livin’

For this edition of the guest blogging series, I’ll like you to meet the woman who was the first design blogger to feature me HERE. I was and still am honored she gave me that chance. So I’m kindly returning the favor. That said, please meet…


Name:  Danielle A. Gray

City: Washington , DC area


Profession: Urban Planner by day, Designer


  Interior Design Blogger by night


Link (to site or blog):


What’s a typical day in the life like for you?

Good question. That varies day to day depending on the day of the week and what I have going on at the moment.


But I have a standard morning routine and evening routine that consists of prayer, affirmations, meditation and writing in my gratitude journal.

What has been your biggest learning lesson both personally & professionally?

Know your worth. Every skill and quality you bring to the table is an asset. Take inventory of your assets then place a value on it. If you are selling your services to a client or an employer your value would be in the form of financial reward.



 How much are you worth? If you don’t know your value, no one else will. You also risk being undervalued and/or underpaid. I apply this to both my personal and professional life.


How have you benefited from social media? And where can we find you?

I’m a blogger and an avid Twitter and Facebook user. Social media has allowed me to connect with other design professionals and helped me promote my brand.


What would be the ultimate dream project?




 My dream project would be a set designer on a television show or movie that has scenes filmed in a house. I’m a visual person and quickly notice the decorative elements of the set when I watch a movie or television show. I vividly remember the set designs from some of my favorite television shows. I would like to have the same impact on viewers and have my designs showcased on the big screen and in people’s living rooms around the world.


Any design/fashion tips?

 It’s OK to follow trends in fashion and design but don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter sometimes. Take a piece that you like and put your own spin on it. I love to repurpose everything from clothes and accessories to furniture.  

What are you currently anticipating? 


The day I can quit my day job to pursue my passion full-time. I’m grateful I have a job but I would like to be living fully in my purpose. 

Fill in the blank.

It’s the lil things like helping other people and spending quality time with family and friends that brings you joy.


Favorite luxury to indulge in?

Spa day – mani, pedi, hot stone massage and facial.


Favorite Indulgences….



Indian and Thai



I’m a Reality TV junkie and lover sitcom reruns I grew up watching like the Cosby Show and Golden Girls




 I prefer boutiques and thrift stores instead malls. I only go to the malls for staples. 


Mac lip gloss. I’m becoming addicted to nail polish.


I buy a new color about 1-2x a month. Deborah Lippman nail polish has my latest favorite indulgence. 



Peach flavored Green tea without sugar.



I’m a water sign, so anywhere that has a beach.  



I love Carribean beaches, St. Thomas is my favorite.


If $ were no object, what would be your ultimate design indulgence?

Relaxing on my private yacht on the Mediterranean Sea .








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  1. Gray Livin' says:

    Love it! Thank so much for the feature. I enjoyed putting this together.


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