Chevron Walls, Chevron Ceilings…

I should be on Pinterest’s payroll. Real talk. This image above was found  there and I love everything about it. It’s simplistic in a way but the charcoal wall makes the beige art pop. And if I’m not mistaken, the art has CALLIGRAPHY on it. Romanticizing rooms with CHANDELIERS is always key especially in a bedroom. Soft plush rugs and carpeting gives the space a warmth feeling. Making the ceiling a focal point, something that is usually forgotten in design, makes this room epic for me. Completely unexpected. The chevron pattern is repeated in the two chairs as the artwork is repeated in the pillow. Repeating design elements makes things cohesive.

{via Made by Girl}

This gender neutral nursery is beautiful. I am all for baby rooms not looking cookie cutter and I really like the color scheme of yellows, grays and white…

{Apartment Therapy}

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