So the recap of last wknd’s yard sale…

 So for my first and maybe my last, the yard sale at my parents house went pretty smooth. Besides myself, my cousins, aunts, gran’ma & brother/sis n law all brought over things to be sold. I end up making…

$206, my bro/sis n law made $400, cousin $50, aunt $20, gran’ma $7 (she didn’t bring much) & parents $200. You meet a lot of interesting people at rummage sales. Tons of laughs. It was like a family get 2 gether which was very cool. One of my close friends from high school came with his daughter to show support. He end up purchasing my brother’s 30 gallon fish tank. A coworker of mine came as well.

My mother said a lot of people complimented the items we had as being very nice and she also got compliments on how things were presented. We had some clothes racks but they were a bit flimsy for the windy weather. Some of them fell a couple of times. The velvet JEWELRY DISPLAYS from Michael’s were nice backdrops for my statement necklaces. What I would have liked to do better was styled the “randoms” tables. I would have done them by color like the pic above. I think if all the clear items, to the whites, to the pinks, greens and blues were all grouped together, those tables would have looked visually pleasing from the street. I did have tons of signage so people driving by could read what we had to offer. I also had the juniors/kids table styled nice & used cardboard silhouettes in lieu of mannequins to put clothes on (complete with belts, jewelry & shoes just like the stores) which looked very nice. It was rather funny seeing the amount of people buying whole “outfits” by picking up the cardboard and everything styled with it. I ran around trying to find new outfits to replace old ones with. I styled a cute picnic area with a rug, toss pillows & the entire place setting I had on my dining table which got sold at once by a lady.

Styling goes a long way in interiors as well as yard sales. You want to make things look as best as possible, highlight the positives to get people engaged. Overall it was a success and very fun.

{image via Society Social}

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