Chevron+Mirrors=Swanky Fabulous Credenza

It’s funny because I am a lover of mirrored everything. Mirrors on tables for place settings, mirrors leaned against the wall, mirrored gallery walls, mirrored this, mirrored that. There is something so Hollywood Glam & sophisticated about mirrored furniture not to mention the illusions it gives on making smaller spaces feel bigger. Even though my bedroom set (yes…I know *shudders* as a designer I broke all sorta rules about having something that looks straight out a catalogue. I should not own a complete matching whole set but it’s old, super old as in a decade old. When student loans are almost paid off I will revamp my room lol)….where was I? Yeah…um even though I can’t stand my bedroom set (it’s all black but mirrored fronts on everything including headboard), I still find myself longing for a modern version of mirrored furniture. I like the ones at Pier 1, preferably the vanity. I like the pieces in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom. But what I love more than anything is this CHEVRON mirrored credenza found on 1st Dibs (a site that you’ll browse for hours). And guess what? Here’s how it’ll look in a space…

{Laura Day Living}

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