Saturday Sunday Shindig: Retro Coney Island Themed Kids Party…

A while back I came across this retro themed carnival party for a child’s birthday and thought the details were incredibly cool. I’m all for thinking outside of the box and not buying entire themes of decor from party supply stores. Carnival parties can go in many directions. One being geared around circus animals with a petting zoo and clowns. This coney island vintage themed one is so cute to me. I especially like that the scheme isn’t strictly primary colors. A POPCORN BUFFET is perfect for kids and will surely be a hit. Continue reading for details…

Retro coke bottles for a ring toss game? Clever. Tickets in the shape of a cake? Super cool and very cheap. Those can be purchased from party supply stores…

Dollar store tablecloths in various hues can create the same table scape. Using different colored plates and napkins makes for a fun colorful place setting. Head on over to the HOSTESS BLOG for more pix and tons of details.

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