Tuesday’s Tips: Kitchen Storage Solutions…Pot racks…

If you lack adequate cabinet space, simply buy a  hanging or wall mounted pot rack. Kitchens are just like closets, where you need to maximize the vertical space. Using a pot rack frees up space in your cabinets for food and is a great space saver for a small space…
 {Design Sponge}
Harlem Apartment - Kitchen eclectic kitchen
 {Apartment Therapy}
Four Seasons Mod -Kitchen contemporary kitchen

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  1. Madeline says:

    Pot racks, wall mounted or hanging are a great way to save cabinet storage space. They also look great and add to the decor of your kitchen. There are a wide variety of colors, styles, materials and sizes to choose from. It’s amazing how different your kitchen decor will change with a pot rack. Pot racks will turn a sterile kitchen into a gourmet kitchen! Take a look at the wide variety of pot racks http://www.potrackspecialist.com that are available for any kitchen size or style.


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