Saturday Sunday Shindig: Outdoor Movie Night…

{Apartment Therapy}

Ever since I found out we have a drive in 35 mins away from Milwaukee, I’ve been super geeked (excited) about going. I never been to one and love the idea of watching a movie on a hot summers night. I used this pic before but forgot what the post about. I think a really cool laid back birthday party or a just-because-its-nice-outside idea is to create a movie night in your backyard or rooftop. Let’s say you’re engaged and you want to let people know. Show them a homemade “save the date” video in this format. This idea is also nice for an engagement evening party. The couple can use this as a way of showing home videos or a slide show of pics. You can rent projectors and use a white sheet (making sure it’s stretched and sturdy) to create your own screen. This post has all sorts of creative ideas, even ways to make makeshift cars out of boxes for kids so they can feel like they’re at a drive in.

You can’t have a movie shindig without popcorn. Why not have a GOURMET POPCORN BAR full of different flavors for guest. Either put them in APOTHECARY JARS or bowls. From the dollar store, you can get the festive carnival styled popcorn bags or buckets for them to fill up. Have trays available for guest to easily transport their snacks.

Go to the dollar store to get your chocolate. You will save so much money. Go to any party supply store to get tickets just to keep it festive. Have a kid act as the cashier and take tickets from guest to”purchase” snacks and beverages.

{Design Sponge}

Love the vintage look of soda crates and movie wheels. A neat way to be festive. Have lots of blankets or cushions and tons of pillows. To save on cost, make it a BYOB (bring your own blanket) & pillow party and indicate it on the invites so guest are prepared…

STRING LIGHTS make everything outdoors fun…

{Mommas Kinda Crafty}

How friggin adorable? Use boxes to create makeshift cars. Get the kids involved and let them decorate cars. Stuff them with a blanket and pillow for comfort and attach a basket to the side to store snacks…

{Dollar Store Crafts}


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