Cool ways to repurpose frames…

Browsing pinterest (are you following ME?) I realized I collected a ton of pictures that are repurposed frames. So I thought I’d share my finds…

For those of you who hate the site of plasmas, simply frame it and create a gallery wall…

I think this is molding but you can get the same look with a frame and letters from Michael’s or Jo-Anns. Cute for a nursery or kid’s room…

I mean…..not sure what it is but it looks like a ginormous frame…

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  1. Gray Livin' says:

    OK, love the idea of framing the flat screen TV. They typically look so hideous and out of place on the wall. But this allows them to become a part of the design.


    1. Tvs dont bother me but they bother a lot of ppl. You’re right it looks part of the design. If the art was mainly black it’ll really look cool.


  2. Nancy McManus says:

    Love the picture through the frame in the sand. Love. Love. Love.


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