Inspiring home office work spaces w/inspiration boards…

I have been compiling images and snatches from magazines since middle school. I will be 29 in less than two months. So to see home offices with those images, fabric inspiration and whatever else fancies a person on display, makes me happy. I like a well organized space but this is the only area of a home I can tolerate some subtle chaos…

In making an inspiration board, there’s really no rules. Simply tear out of magazines whatever inspires you. From certain colors to fashions to places you want to travel. You can add fabric samples to give it texture and even paint swatches. The inspiration will constantly revolve so what may be tomorrow, may be totally different in a month or two. The inspiration is endless…


 This is so industrial but I love it. The pop of mustard against the gray and black scheme is refreshing. I like the antique decor like the fan, exposed radiator, even the lampshade, which looks as if it seen better days. The cork desk is even nice for this kind of setting…

{A Punch of Color}

{House of Turquoise}

Adore this stainless steel stylized desk….

{Shelter Interior Design}


Great use of space…

{images w/o tags via Pinterest}

Do you have an inspiration board in your office area? If so, what does it consist of?


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