Great use of space in attics with sloped ceilings…

{Net Vibes}

This is an excellent use of an awkward sloped attic. Using low bookshelves for shoes and accessories and one rod for clothing turns, what probably would have been a junk room, into a fabulous dressing room. The metallic WALLPAPER really sets this room off…


Here’s another room that appears to be an attic. Every inch of the room’s square footage is utilized. You have two separate conversation areas. Using a sectional can easily create this in your home.  There is shelving on the sides for tv viewing, an office desk area and even a popcorn maker/refreshment area…perfect for entertaining. Keep this type of layout in mind when converting a basement into apartment styled living for tenants or for your own attic space. It may be narrow but it’s about purchasing pieces to scale with the room to make it functional. Think about what you want the space for: to study, to work on projects and crafts, reading or just a sanctuary to get away from the rest of the family. Then create a floor plan that allows you to easily move around the areas. Design it in a way you would design the main part of your home. Use wallpapers, paint, adequate lighting to give it character & brighten it up. You then will have additional living space vs an unused room.


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  1. thejaydub says:

    How can I know if my [unfinished] attic’s floor will suppor the weight? Also attics that aren’t already floored might have concerns with adding flooring over the insulation. That can cause moisture to get stuck in the insulation, which means mold…

    So, any tips on how to make sure my attic will accept such a renovation?


    1. Yeah, seek a licensed contractor. Someone who does floor installations and renovations. Good luck!


  2. Deb Theulen says:

    I was wanting this wallpaper but cant find company!! I love love this whole room!! Pure class!!


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