Use bookshelves to create division in an open space…

Farmhouse Reinterpreted contemporary bedroom

Whenever I come across something I feel can help readers, I will share. I did a post about creating SEPARATION in studio apartments once before. But division in a space isn’t limited to studios. Sometimes people are fortunate enough to have a lot of square footage to work with. With that extra space comes the daunting task of filling it up with furniture in a functional way. The best way is usually creating zones and different areas for different task: reading, working, sleeping, etc. For this, using bookshelves or any form of shelves is a great way to divide a room up.

{the High Heeled Hostess}

This is a great solution for a studio or basement apartment. Nowadays with the economy and recent graduates having difficulty finding jobs, some have to move back home with the parents. With a space zoned out like the look above, one can do so in comfort.

{The High Heeled Hostess}

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