Bookstore Interiors & Decorating w/Books…

It’s unfortunate the closing of yet another bookstore (BORDERS) especially for the 11K people who will lose their jobs. I for one do not think I’ll ever tire of browsing a bookstore & flipping through pages. E-readers will never replace it for me. So lets look at some fabulously designed bookstore interiors and how incredible shelves look with books displayed. After all, Nate Berkus says an interior without books is uninteresting…

{Cook & Book}

This bookstore has 9 rooms divided by genre & decor to reflect the literature. Some amazingly cool displays having the books suspended from the ceilings…

{McNally Jackson Books cafe}
Designed by Front Studio, it is the largest Manhattan independent bookstore…

{Spotted by Norman Copen Hagen}

{Paagman bookstore via The Thoughts of a Book Junky}

Would you prefer to browse books in a contemporary setting….

{Kendall simmons blog}
…or a more cozy traditional feel???

{Zelda Domain Design}

This spunky retro feel of this bookstore is sure to please more than hippies…


How clever of an idea…using books to create a counter desk….

{Small Shop Studio}

Absolutely gorgeous way of DECORATING WITH BOOKS. Color coordinating them brings out hues in your design scheme…

Black & white always looks better with a splash of hot pink. Check out other black,pink and white interiors HERE

Whatever you do, make sure to continue supporting independent & chain bookstores. There’s nothing like having some good coffee & losing yourself in the pages of a good physical book. Do you prefer the real deal or e-readers???

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  1. Fantastic pics. I designed independent bookstores for 20 years. Lets hope there is a resurgence as the big boxes close


    1. That’s amazing. 20 yrs is a very long time.


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