Masculine Interior Delights pt 1

{Architectural Digest}

So many men struggle with decorating their space and often times they mistakenly  think a space well designed has to be feminine or girly and that is furthest from the truth. Streamlined furniture, textured materials and hardware are some of the many ways to create a space suitable for a guy. Nothing says MASCULINE like pinstripes and the wallpaper above does just that. Indulge in some of the inspiration….

{Lonny Mag}

Love these teal HIGH GLOSS walls. So unexpected but it creates a  nice feel especially with the orange accents. Of course my love of zebra never fails. Color scheme reminds me of THIS

Adore the BLACK FLOORS and WALLS and how the white stands out…

{Elements of Style}

{Beau Lifestyle}

I usually like symmetry in design but this is a perfect way to display items on a console table…

{Delight by Design}

Need more help? Click HERE to see more…

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  1. Milli says:

    I’on know. I mean they look nice but I don’t want a vase of flowers in my space. The ones on the mantle are cool though. But that’s just me though.


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