I’d Give Anything to Have 1 of These Reading Nooks & Lounges…

This is by far the coziest reading area I’ve come across. It looks as if the person made great use of an awkward small space. Instead of letting it go unused, it appears like they put a mattress pad topped with toss pillows on the floor with a wood plank to the side & bamboo runner to have some sturdiness for dishes. I would love to curl up here on a Sunday… 

I think for everyone a comfy place to sit is a must. For me, I prefer a spot where I can lounge & spread out, not just a chair. If it IS a chair only, it has to be large in scale where  I can easily curl up. Pillows Pillows Pillows. Can’t get enough of them. Always have a nearby table to hold additional reading materials, snacks & beverages. Adequate lighting is a must, either positioned by windows for natural light or have a task lamp nearby for reading at night. I personally find it more comforting to read with a lamp vs overhead lights. What essential pieces do you require to have the perfect reading space?

{all images via Pinterest}

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