Open Shelving in the Kitch…

{Desire to Inspire}

Open shelving in a kitchen gives the illusion of an open space and feels much larger than it is. It’s the perfect solution for GALLEY kitchens which can become quite closed in and stuffy but looks incredibly modern in other styles …

{House of Turquoise}

To pull off this look, one must have some sort of organizational skills and pretty dishes doesn’t hurt. Otherwise this look can become quite cluttered. If you’re one who likes to hide your dish chaos then this isn’t for you.

So is open shelving something you desire to have in your home?

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  1. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    The only problem I have with open shlving in the kitchen is that most people don’t have their cabinets organized as is. I have measured many kitchens and things have been bursting out of cabinets and right on to my feet! I the owner is very clean and organized, I would consider it.


    1. Very true one must be a very neat & tidy person. If i ever did it, i could only do 2 cabinets max without doors or open shelves to display pretty barware…


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