Design Tip: Limit “sets” of furniture for a designed feel…

{the Lennoxx}

I came across this picture once and liked it. Now that I came across it again, I figured I’ll blog about it. A lot of texture and materials throughout the space from the upholstered chair, carpeting, pillows & drapery to the LUCITE mirrored table & black LAQUERED CHANDELIER. PIPING on the sofa & NAILHEAD trim on the chair, molding on the walls, ROMAN curtains and ABSTRACT art are all design elements I love. I even like the ART HANGING over the window treatment. There are several different chairs and none of them are the same but they work well together. Design Tip: to create a designed feel, limit buying sets of furniture and pair different chairs with a sofa or different side tables than your coffee table. You make the space feel more interesting that way…

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  1. Gray Living says:

    Wow, i love the color scheme and the mix of patterns and textures. The white couch with the black piping is everything!


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