Tuesday’s Tips: (on a Wednesday) use screens behind headboards…

Yeah I forgot to do this post yesterday. Often times when we move, we don’t always have the means to buy all new furniture. Sometimes we end up in homes with really high ceilings. “A dream” right? Well if your furniture isn’t to scale with the space and too small, it’ll end up looking “a mess”. So when I came across THIS bedroom design, I thought how cool would it be to do this in a room where ceilings exceed the typical 8 ft height. You can make a regular sized headboard stand out is by pairing it with a giant screen. Anchor the screens to the wall to make them appear more grand in size. There you’ll have a beautiful focal point.

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  1. Miya, I’m loving this! You have inspired me to do this to my bedroom! You are my new GTG (go to girl)…LOL!


    1. LOL, Shandra I am so glad to be of assistance *takes a bow* . I love decorating with screens because there are so many different things you can do beyond the typical.


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