Battle of the Sexes: Perfect Picnics…



Today is going to be 90 degrees and I cannot wait. I live for hot weather and this seating area above would be the perfect spot to enjoy it. I like the wooden overhead sail that relieves some of the sun while allowing some in…almost like a bamboo shade. The pink flowy fabric lining the area screams fun & sun. So with great weather comes picnics. Here I found two different looks perfect for two different settings. One is more masculine & the other more feminine.

The setting: Under a cherry blossom tree at a park
Decor: sheer fabric draping from a branch forming an airy canopy or tent and blankets & pillows in pink.
Food: pretty woven picnic baskets filled with danishes, fresh fruit & tea….


The Setting: the lake.
Decor: Set up picnic area on the pier w/metal lanterns, navy & beige blankets & pillows.
Food: A small grill w/brats (bratworst….milwaukee thang ;-)), burgers & of course beer.

So which picnic style is more your style?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Adrienne says:

    This makes me want to get outside this weekend and lounge in the sun. Love the first image, especially.


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