Tuesday’s Tips: Creating Separation in Studio Apts…

When living in a studio (or a basement apartment) it’s imperative you create some sort of division between spaces. Using big dressers, chest of drawers or bookshelves as a headboard can create some privacy for the bedroom area…

{Monolo Home}

Use drapery hung on a ceiling track rod to separate areas. A sheer fabric would keep it light and airy and not make the space feel smaller than it already is…


Sometimes it’s all about space planning. If you have a sofa, pull it away from the wall. Put a desk or table against the back of it. Creating zones and conversation areas keeps a studio from feeling like a bedroom with other pieces of furniture in it.

{Interior Design Ideas}

{Wedding Bee}

{Interior Adoration}

Rugs aren’t just for floors, hang one up on the wall for a headboard or in the middle of a room to create division…


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  1. Paul G says:

    Very useful, thanks 🙂


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