Glitzy Glam Wallpaper by Swarovski Elements…

Initially I had intentions on doing a post about wallpaper but I figured this particular company deserves a post of its own. There is a wallpaper collection by Swarovski Elements that launched in London two months back. As a lover of all things glam and sparkly, what better way than to incorporate that with jazzing up your wall space.

Designer Karen Beauchamp uses rich colors like burgundy, royal blue and marriages them with classic patterns like Damask, paisley, diamond trellis, stripes etc. Adding some bling revamps what some feel is an old tired decor trend. Wallpaper has truly come up in the world. Swarovski Elements textured wallpaper adds a fresh look to something so traditional. Click HERE to see more information on their Facebook page. Click HERE to see a video showcasing some designs…

My personal favorites? Versailles which looks like antique AGED MIRROR with a cluster of crystal rocks.

Plume which reminds me of PEACOCK feathers and you know how I love my peacocks.

Jeweled Stripe which is masculine and uber sexy mixture of velvet and metallic cracked border with either pearls or crystal lining the border.

Absolutely fabulous with tons of glitz and glamour. What do you think?

Okay how adorable is the mice concept? 🙂

Thank you to Allison for hipping me to the brand.

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  1. zara says:

    where can i purchase these wallpapers?


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