Outdoor Oasis…..

Our weather has been up & down lately. 86 degrees one day & 58 literally the next. But I still see people getting their patios, balconies and decks together. No matter how big or small your space is, you should always decorate it because it’s really an extention of your living. If you own property, creating an area to entertain outdoors can boost your resale value. Just don’t do THIS. 🙂 Let’s indulge…

{Stylize Design}
The potted plants are so nice and appear to be low maintenance. Perfect for those who aren’t into gardening & keeping up with flowers…

{Design Sponge}


{Kelly Wearstler}
A huge MOROCCAN influence in this Kelly Wearstler design. So much attention to detail to really make this space funtional and comfortable. Adequate seating encourages conversation. The swing bed encourages relaxation. Don’t be afraid to use outdoor rugs to anchor seating arrangements. Flowers aren’t the only ways to add color. Toss pillows, GARDEN STOOLS, lanterns and umbrellas all add vibrant colors…

{Pier 1}

{Crate and Barrel}

{Decor Pad}
Airy Sheer drapery panels in white makes for a breezy outdoor sanctuary. Even mirrors can be hung as long as it’s under a shield that keeps it from the elements.

{Home Design Decorating}
Swings are so fun for kids and cool for elderly and adults anywhere in between can love this stylish white design. Pier 1 has a brown one similar…

{Home Design Decorating}
I live in a place that doesn’t allow grills or firepits on the balcony. So I am envious of anyone who has this sort of luxury. No matter how cool it gets in the summer you can remain toasty with one of these and still have a place for your margarita…

{Home Design Decorating}
This pool CANOPY bed is absolutely gorgeous. Have you started decorating your outdoor living space yet? If so, what are some of your must haves?

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