Tuesday’s Tips: Turning Dressers into Sinks…

{brabourne farm}

One time I was having a conversation with my cousin & she mentioned how some vanities were actually dressers. In the mist of the convo I didn’t get what she meant. Duh! A lot of the decorative vanities I see are indeed old dressers it just never dawned on me that’s what they were. It’s a good way to save an old hand me down dresser that would otherwise collect dust.

{The Decorista}

I absolutely love this bathroom. Notice the faucet coming out of the mirror. The trellis wallpaper jazzes it up notch. Speaking of…I will be doing a wallpaper post this week.

{Country Living}

Mirrored furniture is everywhere now. Even my beloved pier 1 has a set. Very glam. Click HERE to see a tutorial on how to make the dresser to sink conversion.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I love when dressers are turned into bathroom vanities. I think it instantly gives the room character and interest.


  2. Pet Meds says:

    I am doing a conversion like the dark colored “Country Living” photos above with an antique radio cabinet this weekend. The radio wasn’t in the cabinet and I got it at auction for $15 because nobody wanted it, the interior is a mess because of how the radio was removed. Now I will have a unique piece in my guest bath and a great story to go along with it.


    1. Very cool background. Now when guest use that bathroom, you will have a conversation piece.


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