Retail Therapy Store Finds: Target, TJMaxx & Marshalls…

This wknd I went shopping to look for decor for the kitchen & bathroom I’m designing. Since I stay with a camera on me, I’m always snapping pics of things in stores. I’m sure I get the “side eye” from people and employees but I don’t care. So I decided to make a new series where I post store finds from some of the shopping adventures. We all have seen the KEEP CALM art on many design blogs and in a ton of homes so what a nice surprise to see a pretty large one in Tarsjay (Target). Unfortunately I couldn’t find the price. This was the last one and only color.

TJMaxx had an abundance of fun vibrant colored garden supplies. They even had pink or yellow hoses. I don’t have a green thumb in the least bit and I’m usually not one to buy something just cuz but this really did make me want to pot pretty flowers for my balcony JUST to water them…

TJMaxx also had colorful step stools and brushes for the kitchen…

I’m a fan of decorative soaps for the bathroom especially in APOTHECARY JARS. But how cute are these packaged soaps? A lil bit of glam embellishment makes for a perfect hostess gift if you’re staying at someone’s house for a while. The aromas sometime seep through the paper so you don’t always have to unwrap them…


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  1. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    I believe the Target piece is $30. I saw it in the Target near me and was going to purchase for a friend of mine.


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