Dreary Exteriors = Gray Interiors…

{Dream Home 2011 Merchandise Mart Chicago}

It’s SATURDAY but its dreary and rainy. Which is unfortunate because I only like rain if I’m sleep or when it’s thundering. Plus I have to finish accessory shopping for the kitchen reno I’m 97% done with, and the bathroom reno I just started. Shopping sucks when its raining. The only positive is stores tend to be less crowded. So since it’s so gray outside I figured I’ll highlight some fab gray interiors from the Merchandise Mart in Chicago where Chicago’s top interior designers had the freedom to dream big and create 9 rooms for you to indulge in. This foyer (below) designed by Buckingham Interiors & Design is so stylish. I love how they used an AGED MIRROR inside the limestone fireplace mantle. And those chairs!! *cues rapper Juvenile* I need it in my life! I want it in my life! So fab. Click HERE to see video footage of the details.

If you are unfamiliar with the mart, it’s the only building in Chicago that’s covers so much space area wise, that it has its own zip code. Google it if you don’t believe me. It’s a designers candy store. When I was a design student, my classes were at night because I worked full-time during the day & was unable to do a lot of the field trips. Unfortunately I never got to go to the mart but on one of my many trips to Chicago I did a boat tour where we sailed by it. It IS a very very large building.

You know I love the rustic element of chopped FIREWOOD. I even like driving by houses that have a stack in their yard. So I love how it’s displayed here. The whole room is very glamorous yet very simplistic at the same time. Click HERE to see more details. Read on to see the kitchen…

I am really starting to like when tables are positioned near the island. I liked it HERE and I like it above. Click HERE to see more details.

Here is a pic of the Merchandise Mart at night from the boat tour I was on back in Sept 2010. Just think, this whole building full of indulgeworthyness. Heaven.

Have a good wknd!!

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