Design Styling: My 1st Wedding Clients…

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. I know I’ve been M.I.A. but I warned you that I was prepping for a wedding reception at the Villa Filomena downtown Milwaukee. and needed the time away from work and the blog in order to finish last-minute details. The couple had a sage and silver hued wedding. I wanted the cake table to overlook the reception area by being positioned in front of this window. Initially we wanted crystal beaded curtains but to cutback on cost, I came upon THIS Martha Stewart creation and decided to make my own. Using fishing line and metallic wrapping paper, I made streamers. I was concerned they would look cheesy but the reflection of the candles and CHANDELIERS really made them sparkle. They almost look like Capiz shells.  Fresh hydrangea stems lined all cabaret tables…

The candy buffet table was a huge hit. I thought the little poem was very fitting. The boxes to the side is where guest put the candy in…

All the APOTHECARY jars came from either Marshalls, TJ Maxx for $14 and under or Michael’s.

Love the architecture in this mansion. The arched bay windows and the chandeliers & ceiling medallion really makes the room glamorous…

For the guest book, I kind of wanted to do a spin-off to a wishing well tree like I done for my cousin’s ANNIVERSARY party. Here I cut craft paper and used a brandy jar to place them in. The signage for this table read “Please leave your advice and well wishes for the Mr. and Mrs.”

Floated roses and limes (which were also on the table centerpieces)..

Dollar store square vases & candles (wrapped in vellum paper) & Goodwill’s flutes (that I turned upside down to use as candle holders) lined the entire head table. Grocery store flowers and thin slices of limes under the floating candles added a little pop of green. I always say when you can’t go all out with flowers, use candles. Ambient lighting does wonders…

The round vases are also from Dollar Tree and those held the bridal bouquets. Obviously the pic was taken before they came…

The villa had a ton of fireplaces so I decorated one that was by a food station with candles and moss covered letters that I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics. The letters are the first initials of the couple’s names.

 In the bathroom we had baskets house things ppl typically forget to bring: bobby pins, safety pins, lint brush, mints, pain reliever, etc. The food stations were incredible and the DJ was on point. Most of all, the happy couple enjoyed themselves.  I am very pleased with how things turned out especially for this to be my first wedding. Now back to your regularly scheduled multi-a-day-posts ;-).

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  1. Beth says:

    Very nice!!!


  2. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    I like it! I love it! I went to a party at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center and they did a cluster of apothecaries fille with various red candies like Swedish Fish and M&M’s. Yours remind me of that and I really like that idea. I think I may do this for my house warming party.


    1. Yessss candy buffets are hits with adults. Trust me on this. lol but is that center something that’s open all the time? I may have to check it out next time I go down there.


  3. Milli says:

    Nice!!! Very nice!!! Looks like you did a fantastic job. You’re on you way ms lady!!!!!!!!!


    1. 🙂 thank you


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