Nothing Says Warm Weather Like the Color Turquoise…

{Susan Hornbeak Ortiz}

There’s a direct correlation between the hues of TROPICAL OCEANS and warmth. Whenever I see those deep teals and turquoise I immediately think of spring and summer. Not to mention its been my fav summer color for eons now. The outdoor living space above is beautiful. The wooden beams help to give some sort of shade but still allow for an abundance of sunlight…

{Delight by Design}
A lot of design pics I come across has an absense of greenery. It’s always nice to see a big leafy potted plant in a space every now and then…

{House of Turquoise}

Love the HERRINGBONE fireplace….

{New York Times}

{Candice Olson (HGTV)}
Yes I know it’s not really a saturated turquoise but I wanted an excuse to use the pic. Isn’t it tranquil? The glass tile backsplash is the same as what I installed in the kitchen reno I’m doing (just different colors)…

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  1. Matt Designs says:

    I’m really not a fan of the colour. It’s okay in small doses, anything larger than a basket or vase is too much in my eyes.


  2. Aayushi says:

    wow..its cooooll


  3. I have always loved turquoise. That first daybed you showed is gorgeous!!!


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