Mariah Carey’s Lavish Nursery…

My all time fav singer is Mariah Carey since the vision of love days. I adored all 30 minutes of MTV CRIBS where we were able to glimpse into her home from the incredible closet bigger than my entire apartment to the country kitchen smack dab in the middle of Manhatten (which started my love of KITCHEN NOOKS). So I expected nothing short of fab for her nursery.

I love oversized animals mainly because I’m an animal lover but I think it brings some whimsy and fun to the space. Some people can go overboard with the cutesy themes that it looks….well….tacky. Bringing in some animal elements like a zebra rug to giraffe print toss pillows on a rocking chair would give the same feel without being too themey. The chandelier gives the room a hint of glam and the color scheme is very gender neutral.

Mariah was quoted in the new Life & Style mag as not wanting cookie cutter blue & pink. I applaud her for that cuz we all know how much she loves pink. Basing some design elements on two of her fan favorite songs “Underneath the stars” & “Close My Eyes” she explained, “The celing has orangey-pink clouds in a blue sky with golden stars… symbolizes wanting my children to dream as big as possible and to let their imaginations be unbridled”. I love it…

Who would expect anything different? I love it and I love her and wishes her a safe delivery…

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