Color Schemes: Taupe, Orange & Ivory…

{The Lennoxx}

This will be a new series where I highlight color schemes you don’t see that often in interiors. The taupe and ivory is very neutral but the brightness of the orange makes a fun color splash. I also think a boy’s nursery or bedroom would be great in this color combo. (Nothing irks me more than all blue boys rooms). What do you think?

{Muse Interiors}


{The Decorista}


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  1. Aayushi says:

    wow..lovely they are!..


  2. Cesca says:

    I actually love the 3rd photo – the orange walls with brown and ivory highlights. I am a sucker for bright colours.

    I think both the first 2 photos with brown walls is not a good idea. Brown walls just make the room too dark. Those rooms need a LOT more orange to counteract all that brown.


  3. Mary says:

    These are beautiful. You are a very alerted designer.


  4. Mary says:

    Doggone auto correct – you are very talented not alerted!


  5. Alyse Kitchen says:

    I love the wall color! What is the color?


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