Tuesday’s Tips: DIY projects 4 your kid’s teddy bears…

While watching HGTV’s the Antonio Treatment on dvr, I witnessed the coolest thing done with teddy bears that I feel is perfect for kids. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a pic of it but I did find the video footage. He basically staple gunned teddy bears to a wall. If you’re not a home owner or don’t want to do something so permanent, feel free to go to a hardware store and buy a plank of wood, lean it up against the wall and staple the bears/stuffed animals to that. It would make for a neat headboard too. Click HERE to view and go to minute 17:45.

Then coincidently while watching Nate Berkus on DVR I came across Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s project. She glued her kid’s animals to a chair. How cool? Of course it isn’t something us grown folks would want and it is not the most pleasing to the eyes but try to envision yourself as a kid again. Wouldn’t you love something like this? Tho, Kelly DID say she struggled with some of the kid’s favorites but it’s still a neat idea for kids who aren’t quite ready to part with their furry friends. Click HERE to see more.

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