Tile & Interior Photography by Brandon Barre…

I’ve come across Brandon Barre’s photography work before and since today I’m finishing the backsplash to the kitchen reno I’m doing, I figured what better way than  to highlight some interiors with nice tile backsplash. I adore this space above because it has some African accents like my own living room. I too have the mask on walls. I love this particular look as I’ve blogged on it HERE before. But it isn’t the LUCITE tables, COWHIDE rug, FABULOUS FLOOR or AMBIENT LIGHTING that I love so much…it’s the tiled FIREPLACE. über sexy…

{Candice Olson}

I remember seeing this episode on HGTV & loved the finished product. The glass tile doesn’t compete with the kitchen. Instead, it’s a compliment to it…

What a tranquil spa feel. I love INFINITE tubs. You can completely submerge yourself…

This tile is actually very similar to what I’ve installed. As a matter of fact, here’s a sneak peek below…

This is before I put the grout in. One thing I’ve learned is that when you pick tile that’s made to interlock, have a glass cutter. It’s a small tool but it helps when 12″ square ft tile can’t fit evenly because of the wall length. Was my brother a happy camper having to cut it for me? Naw. OOPSIE *chelsea lately voice*. I have to put some under cabinet lighting, have the ceiling fixtures installed and my brother has to lay the slate tile down on the floor before it’s complete. Give me a few weeks & you’ll see the finished look to my first kitchen remodel.


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  1. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    I love what you are doing. You have to post more pics! I’m anxiously awaiting….


    1. thx so much, I appreciate it. It’s a learning experience cuz it took forever with the little glass tile I picked & having to clean all the grout lines out and stuff but its fun. I twitpic’d it though, check my timeline.


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