First Friday Fashion Conversion: Leopard & Cheetah love…


Cheetah & Leopard isn’t one of my favorite animal prints (we all know ZEBRA is) but here are some amazing interiors w/it…

{Elle Decor}

{Mark English Architects, AIA}

{Made by Girl}

When you hang art, try to get lighting to shine down on it to create a museum gallery feel….

{Style of Design

I have one bone to pick with this photo above. What is up with the miniature bite sized chair in front of the coffee table? LOL is that for children or what?

I just put up tile in a kitchen remodel for the first time so I know this was a beast to create…

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  1. Interior Adoration, LLC says:

    Grrrr… I love the animal print but my husband hates it! I want that chase in the pony print.


    1. that sucks, when your better half doesn’t like something you dig.


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