If This Doesn’t Make You Wanna Host a Brunch…

{The White Library}

This Here, Makes Me Wanna Host a Brunch…ASAP! I’m a sucker for anything related to breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day & it’s the most important. Lets say you’re having out-of-town guests for your wedding… one of those mornings can be dedicated to “welcoming” them with a brunch. Everyone always talks about Easter dinner, what about an Easter brunch? I’m sure moms everywhere would love to wake up to a display like these on Mother’s Day. With wedding season around the corner and the many showers to be had, here’s a brunch tablescape to inspire you along with some creative ways to display french toast. Presentation is everything so indulge…

Are you kidding me right now? Who would have thought to cut french toast in triangles & set them on top of syrup shot glasses? Too adorable. *fist pump*

The attention to details really makes this extra special…

Now I have an incredible urge to go to Cracker Barrell. To view more, click HERE.  I don’t know…this tablescape is giving the VINTAGE BREAKFAST BUFFET a run for its money…


Especially if they added pancake appetizers to the menu…

And this chocolate croissant…


If you wanted to do something other than french toast shots, how about kabobs? When I came across this pic, I know its something I have to try as my french toast is the hit with my family..

Regardless of your menu choices, Happy Brunching!!!

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