Tuesday’s Tips: A Welcoming Organized Entryway…


This is the scene of my apt daily as I enter & my cat Myna, looks down on me from atop the stairs. I always have to guard the door to make sure she doesn’t run outside. She DID do that once in the dead of a brutal winter night & I had to chase her down the walkway as she darted on neighbors patios in confusion. SMH. Anyhoo, I love a welcoming space and yes pets help but so does a beautiful entryway. Keep in mind this is the very first thing guests see so you want to make a good impression. You also want your entryways to be functional…

Paint the door a beautiful hue (if you’re a homeowner) and have a pretty rug right at the entrance…

{The Lennoxx}

Trellis wallpaper (or painted) walls adds a subtle modern touch. Some sort of console table w/chairs on the side and a mirror is pretty standard. You generally want to have some sort of area where you can immediately lay down keys, mail, etc…

{Cape 27 Blog}

Remember what I said about TRAYS and how well they confine your clutter? Look how much neater this looks with the sunglasses & keys on a tray vs just the table. I also dig the jar of change…

{the Yellow Cape Cod}

Use Chalkboard somewhere on the wall to put reminders. This works really well from the backdoor entrance or one coming from the garage as those aren’t really used as much by guest…

{Female Ways}

If you don’t have a built-in mud room, try converting a hallway closet near the door entrance into one. Simply remove the door off its hinges and replace the rod with coat hooks.  Mud rooms and the like are good ways for people, especially parents with kids to keep book bags, sporting equipment and shoes well-organized…
I love the way painted risers look on stairs…
Christmas showhouse 2009 traditional entry

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  1. Simply Sara says:

    Love the entryway with the chalkboard and hooks, what a neat idea!


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