Pattern Love: Ikat Tribal Look & How Nia Long Relates…


{Elle Decor}
 Ikat patterns originated in Asia and is a style of weaving and dyeing of textiles. It gives a tribal dosage to a lot of interiors regardless of style. It’s not a new trend but it is everywhere nowadays from home decor to even fashion. I like anything ethnic looking as it makes a home feel collected over time and that the owner is well-traveled. Even if we know they went over to the local Target to get it, 🙂
When I first started seeing Ikat in home decor, I didn’t know the name of the pattern but remember seeing one of my favorite actresses, the gorgeous Nia Long in this Gucci Dress…
Remember when I posted this pic in the CHEVRON post? Well the lady who lives in this interior actually has a ton of ikat through out her home so click HERE to see it…
A neat cheap way to decorate the walls is by framing fabric like this Ikat print.  I first posted this pic HERE on my wall art inspirations post. This interior even has the beloved porcelain GARDEN STOOL. Lots more inspiration to follow…
{Up World}
The headboard looks like a sofa. The Ikat pillow on the bed is almost unnoticeable…
{Elle Decor}
2010 HHL - Great Room contemporary living room
I have this pic above in a different view on another post about COW HIDE Rugs…
{Gabrielle Union}
Found this pic over at Chic Geek, one of my fav blogs to indulge in. This is of her home. Click HERE to see more…
Quadrille, China Seas, Alan Campbell, Home Couture contemporary dining room

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