Dessert Buffet & Floral Decor Branches Inspiration…

{Hostess Blog}

As I’m winding down the last month of this reception design process, I’ve been finding myself looking at a ton of wedding inspiration. What I’m doing for my clients is already set but I still like to find other ideas for any future projects I may have. I love DECORATING w/BRANCHES and I like how it’s not only something that can be done during the fall and winter seasons but also in the spring as displayed by the pic above.

Who would have thought to put tulip bouquets in wine glasses??? If someone told me that, I would have immediately given them the side eye but this is rather gorgeous…

These branches seem to be pretty natural like they were snatched right outside someone’s yard. Continue reading for more on this event…

Now this was from a baby naming party event.  How cute to list the names of the new bundles of joy on lollipops…

I just love the whole CANDY BUFFET spin offs with dessert & POPCORN

Something as simple as ribbon tied on chairs are all nice little touches…

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