Rooms That Draws Yours Eyes Upward…

 {designer Christopher Noto}

Ever be in a place where your eyes are constantly drawing upward? Well these interiors fit in that category. You know a room is large when you have to use four coffee tables to create the right scale…

{Architectural Digest}

This monochromatic room proves you can have minimal colors without being boring. This headboard is everything to me…


{Elie Saab}

Yes this is the bedroom of fashion designer Elie Saab in his Parisian apartment.  As if the mirrored bedpost weren’t tall enough, they had to be outdone by massive mirrored screens (dividers). How incredibly glam, Even the lamp shade is massive. Continue reading on for more pics…

{Decor Pad}

The only way I like stand alone tubs is when it’s enclosed by walls and this is perfect…

{Elle Decor}

 {Decor Pad}

Love how everything is so grand in this room. The aged mirrored coffee table brings so much glam to the space…

{Desire to Inspire}

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