Fab Interiors w/ Bamboo Furniture…

{The Glam Lamb}

When I was a little girl and my sister (who is 15 yrs older than me) was in the airforce in the Philippines, she sent over a doll furniture set that was bamboo. I loved it. I think I still have it…somewhere.  So now when I come across bamboo furniture, I take notice. This dining room table and chairs is so pretty to me and I absolutely love the color combination of deep purple, gray and silver. The geometric print wallpaper is fab too…

{House of Turquoise}

Bamboo tables…Notice the rods are all the way at the ceiling even though the windows aren’t that high. This is a design trick to make the space feel more grandeur than it really may be. Anytime you want the room to feel taller simply raise the curtain rod. The length of the drapery pulls your eyes upward…

{Jonathan Adler}

Love the contrast of the lime green with the charcoal gray. Continue reading more…

{Candice Olson (hgtv))

Absolutely have to get a FIREPLACE when I purchase a condo…

{Amanda Nisbet Design}

Bamboo headboards… I really like this nightstand a lot and the “placement of things”


I believe these are also bamboo chairs. Adding a bench to one side of a dining room table allows you to accommodate more people…


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