Sunday Rituals…

{My Home Ideas}

Ahhh the joys of Sunday. Not only a time for relaxation but a time for chores. I had a very busy day yesterday so I plan to do a bunch of nothing around my apt and then some cleaning & laundry. I will watch Basketball Wives reunion, Celeb Apprentice, an NBA game or two, Kim & Kourt Take New York, everything I dvr’d on HGTV yesterday & read lots of magazines. That is after all…cleaning. I’m cleaning my dvr percentage & my magazine basket. Yep, I’ve already convinced myself my agenda is very much a productive one. 🙂 I do plan to get some other real important things done on the computer as well as tackle a few floor plan options for the reception I’m planning. But what are some of your Sunday rituals? Is this time to unwind from a long week or is this the start of yours?

 Isn’t the above pic cutely organized? A canister for lightbulbs? Too clever. I don’t know about you but for me, laundry would be that much more fun if done in one of these rooms…

Love the usage of apothecary jars to house detergent and clothes pins. Continue reading to indulge in more laundry rooms…

{Decor Pad}

How fab is this? First of all, I love stairs with risers painted. Secondly this chandalier. You have to be some kind of person to adorn a laundry room with a crystal lighting fixture…

{Inspiration for Decoration}

This laundry room is so modern. The stainless steal & icy blue color scheme is a perfect compliment…


Perfectly contemporary and masculine…

{Design Track Mind}

{My Favorite & My Best}

I think the message is, anything is fun with alcohol 😀

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tia says:

    these rooms would make laundry more fun
    I HATE doing laundry
    my least favorite chore


    1. hey Tia, thanks for stopping by. I like laundry but I admit, I’ve gotten a bit lazy with folding clothes. Sometimes I’ll run to my dryer for a few days grabbing clean clothes. SMH


  2. Milli says:

    These rooms are dope. Is that a CPU in the laundry room????

    LOL @ the alcohol joke.


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